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Now Hiring Welders in Beloit, WI

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Job Details

Pay: up to $19.00/hour

Shift: 1st shift

Location: Beloit, WI

Type: Full-time

Category: Manufacturing

Office location: Janesville, WI

Office phone: (608) 756-1400

Reference Number: 0

Posted: March 16, 2023

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Job posting details for Welders in Beloit, WI

Corporate Services, Inc. has immediate job openings in Beloit, WI for welders on first shift. Current openings pay $19.00/hour. This is a great opportunity to start with a great company as our customer is open to hiring the right candidates. Please call our Janesville office for more information at (608) 756-1400 or apply online today!

Primary responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

  • Perform a variety of welding
  • Brazing
  • Cutting using gas and electric welding equipment
  • Weld metal parts together, as specified by layout, diagram, work order or verbal instructions, using equipment which introduces shield of inert gas or noncombustible gas, such as helium, argon, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen, around electric arc between electrode and work piece to prevent oxidation.
  • Select and installs gas orifice and threads consumable wire electrode through portable welding gun. Connect hose from specified gas tank to gun. Turn knobs to select gas pressure, electric current, and speed of electrode wire feed.
  • Connect cables from welding unit to work piece and electrode holder. Strikes arc and manually guides electrode tip along weld line.
  • Welds with non-consumable tungsten electrode equipped with automatic filler wire feed, or applies filler rod by hand.
  • Clean or degrease work pieces, using wire brush, portable grinder or chemical bath.
  • Repair broken or cracked parts, fills holes or makes equipment weld repairs.
  • Position and clamp together components of fabricated metal parts preparatory to welding, and aligns as required.
  • Examine work pieces and measure dimensions for conformance to specifications, using tape, rule or square.
  • All other duties as assigned


Ideal candidates will have one year of TIG welding experience with stainless steel.

Please use reference number 0 when you call our Janesville office at (608) 756-1400 or click here for directions.

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