Corporate Services, Inc.
208 Kishwaukee St. · Rockford, IL 61104
(p) (815) 962-8367 · (f) (815) 962-0940

About Corporate Services, Inc.

The leading regional provider of industrial temporaries

Over 38 years ago, Corporate Services, Inc. began with a simple mission: to become the leading regional provider of industrial temporaries by giving our customers the fastest and most accurate service, and by giving applicants the best chance of a suitable job. Every day we achieve this mission and every day we, our customers, and our employees reap the rewards of these efforts.

Dedication to excellence at every point

Increasing customer profitability since 1986

Corporate Services, Inc. provides every member of our staff, in every office, with the training and tools they need and more. This ensures that when any member of our staff picks up the phone or greets you at the door, that person is ready to address your needs.

Corporate Services, Inc.

Main Office: 208 Kishwaukee St. · Rockford, IL 61104-2037
(p) (815) 962-8367 · (f) (815) 962-0940 · 10 locations

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What are Corporate Services' employment services?

Corporate Services, Inc.'s focus remains the placement of great employees at great companies. This simple vision allows us to serve thousands of companies across scores of industries in many different ways. Corporate Services, Inc. provides temporary labor, contract-to-hire employees, direct placement, and payrolling services — whether it's for just one or for hundreds of workers.

Filling a customer's order is only the beginning. We are with our employees every step of the way to ensure that they arrive safely, on time, and ready. While our employee is working, we help shield our customers from the cost and liability of workers' compensation insurance, Social Security contributions, unemployment insurance, and much more.

More IS better with Corporate Services, Inc. More punctual, more prepared, more protection, more reward — that's the service of Corporate. Contact us today and find out how Corporate Services, Inc. can increase the value of your company.